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      Clean Design Designed to seamlessly blend into nearly any space, the Series 600 features a 2.55” interlock stile, wide panels, and modern details that allow for more light and glass. Climate Ready Glass Our dual-pane low-E glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency. Configurations and Sizes The Series 600 Multi-Slide Door is available in nearly any configuration, with panels up to 12 feet tall (maximum 70 square feet). For complete flexibility, it can be designed to do things like go around curves, bypass obstacles, and bi- part in the center. Nearly any shape is possible, including open corners.   Classic or Thermally Broken Aluminum   Classic aluminum provides effortless operation, versatility, and a clean aesthetic. Our thermally broken option provides the same functionality, but with an insulating barrier that increases energy performance in colder climates. Heavy Duty Hardware Rolling hardware includes two options: a standard 1.81” size and our 3” Monster Roller, capable of handling more than twice the weight of the largest panel.   19  

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