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     Seamless Integration The Series 600 Window Wall’s versatile 4.5” deep framing system allows our Series 900 Hinged Doors, Series 600 Sliding Glass Doors, and Series 670 hinged windows to directly mull to any combination of windows, creating a clean, smooth appearance. Clean Design The mulling process for the Series 600 Window Wall combines window frames while keeping sightlines narrow, resulting in a clean, contemporary look that can be replicated through an entire wall of glass. Classic or Thermally Broken Aluminum Classic aluminum provides effortless operation, versatility, and a clean aesthetic. Our thermally broken option provides the same functionality, but with an insulating barrier that increases energy performance in colder climates. Configurations and Sizes Featuring countless extrusion styles, the Series 600 Window Wall is available up to 70 square feet and can be designed to nearly any configuration. Standalone units are tested to DP50. For larger expanses, steel can be added when mulling for increased strength. Fixed windows can be built to nearly any geometric configuration, including arches, circles, and polygons. The Series 600 Window Wall is designed to integrate with various ventilating window styles as well as our hinged and sliding doors. Climate Ready Glass Our dual-pane low-E glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency. Tested for Durability Fixed Series 600 windows mounted in the structure on all four sides achieve a performance grade of CW-PG50 at sizes up to 60” x 120.” (CW-PG50 includes a design pressure of 50 pounds per square foot, the equivalent of 140 mph winds). Steel support reinforces the cavity of the mull on its window walls with steel for additional strength, support, and wind resistance.                      Steel Support     51 

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