Page 53 - Western Window Systems Classic Brochure Flipbook
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     Even Sightlines        Flush Stop       Standard Stop     The standard stop for the Series 600 Window Wall features a classic stepped profile with removable stops for re-glazes and weep holes at the base. Available in multiple dimensions, it can accommodate glass sizes from 0.25” to 1”. When mulled together, the Series 600 offers a narrow, 3” sightline from glass to glass for a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. Finishes Aluminum finishes are available in-stock, as designer selections, and can be customized to match nearly any color. For approximate finish options, see page 120. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us. Even with the exterior of the frame and with weep holes at the base, the flush stop provides the look of a typical storefront. Used exclusively in conjunction with 1” glass.    53    

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