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       Series 610 Single-Hung Window   Series 620 Sliding Window  The Series 610 Single Hung Window features a top sash that is fixed and a bottom sash that moves up to open and let in fresh air. Sometimes referred to as a sash window, it’s easy to operate, and its clean, contemporary look makes it ideal for any home style. Spiral Balancers The Series 610 is equipped with spiral balancers for better adjustability and smoother operation to control the sash in the open position. Locking System Window locks are T-latch and concealed with a slim cover. Available in black and brushed nickel finishes. Sizes Single-hung windows are available with a maximum vent size of 48” in width and 36” in height and with a frame height up to 96”. Vent height is typically half the window height. Custom vent heights are available, but cannot exceed half the window height. Offering a maximum view to the outdoors, the Series 620 Slider features two or three sashes aligned horizontally and sliding left or right. One sash slides open in a single slider. A double slider allows both sashes to open. Sizes A double sash option is available up to 96” in width and 72” in height. Triple-sash windows are also available. Finishes Aluminum finishes are available in-stock, as designer selections, and can be customized to match nearly any color. For approximate finish options, see page 120. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us. Hardware All fasteners on the sliding window are stainless steel. The roller is modeled after our popular multi-slide door. Screening Included with all single-hung and sliding windows, our screens are made of extruded aluminum for additional strength.  61   

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