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  The master suite’s multi-slide door seamlessly merges the interior of the upper volume with the rugged landscape outside. On a starkly magnificent mountainside 800 feet above El Paso, Texas, architects Darci Hazelbaker and Dale Rush have designed a modernist masterpiece befitting the rugged landscape on which it is perched. To blend in the Franklin Mountain House with its environment, Tucson-based firm Hazelbaker Rush built much of the three- story residence with the naturally occurring volcanic rock basalt and granite. And to make the most of the unfettered views of downtown El Paso and bountiful West Texas sunshine, Hazelbaker and Rush turned to Western Window Systems, with its huge panels of glass and contemporary sightlines, to make the most of the vistas. “Each room of the home has a direct connection to the adjacent outdoor living spaces and to the mountain landscape and valley views beyond,” says Rush. “The sliding doors and large windows are integral in reinforcing this connection with the natural world beyond the envelope of the home.” Continued on next page The white stucco volume stands out amid the rocky terrain of the Franklin Mountains near El Paso.  67       

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