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  Indeed, in the third-level master suite, a massive Series 600 Stacking Multi-Slide Door opens to the eastern lawn and patio facing up the mountain slope, seamlessly merging the indoors with the outside. “The multi-slide in the master suite allows the owner the option to open up the bedroom to the patio or the bathroom,” Rush says. “It’s a flexibility that isn’t afforded with standard sliding options.” Similarly, a huge four-panel stacking multi-slide door, with its easy and reliable operability, opens up the wide kitchen and dining area to a patio and swimming pool on the west side of the home. Given the elevation of the hillside home, cool Texas breezes can course through the main level when the doors are open. “We like to use well-engineered products with clean lines,” Rush says. “Function is paramount, but the aesthetic can be just as important. Doors and windows are some of those elements that you touch and interact with on a daily basis. How they look, how they feel, and how they work can all determine the quality of the home.” The third-floor volume features in an eye-catching triad of Series 670 Fixed Windows, each just a couple feet tall by several feet wide, creates a south-facing strongly horizontal wall of glass overlooking the pool that gives a glimpse of the horizon while not flooding the bedrooms with the strong West Texas sun. ■ A multi-slide door in the master suite opens up to the natural mountain preserve.   69      

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