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  Vast expanses of glass bathe the 8,000-square-foot home in natural light. “Given the aesthetic quality the owner wanted,” he says. “Western Window Systems provided a huge advantage when you’re looking at a modern approach to the design and reductive approach to the material palette.” The ability of Western Window Systems to create very large floor-to-ceiling glazed units meant that Kehoe could design 12- to 13-foot openings, which in the front of the house give the appearance of the roof hovering over the main space. From wall to wall, expansive openings bring in natural light. It’s so open, in fact, that from the front yard one can see through the main living space into the backyard. With all the large glass in the open spaces, deep overhangs became essential to the design in order to cut down the heat transfer through the glass during Phoenix’s scorching summers. And in the more everyday living spaces on the east and west wings of the home, smaller pieces of glass were used because these areas require less daylight. But it’s the dramatic entryway and main living space that take the breath away and provide a transition to an outdoor living space and the landscape beyond it. “When you open up the back patio sliding doors,” Kehoe says, “the two spaces adjacent to the patio flow directly to the outside. And you’ve got this large overhang that creates this very high roof over an outdoor room, and those spaces just coalesce as one.” ■  77     

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