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  When all the doors are open, the ranch-style home in Ojai benefits from the cool Southern California evening air. To understand the Ladera Project, it helps to get to know a little about the area in which the modern home sits. The small town of Ojai, in California’s Ventura County, is upscale and breeds a sort of fierce independence, not allowing chain retailers and encouraging boutiques and the kind of small businesses that give a city its character. In other words, Ojai is the perfect site for such a boldly conceived home as Droney & Associates’ Ladera Project. The monolithic structure, with its sleek, smooth steel finishes, takes any preconceived notions about stereotypical Southern California architecture and turns them upside down. Western Window Systems’ contemporary windows and giant moving glass walls helped architect/designers Tim and Maraya Droney make the kind of statement Ojai-area homebuyers have come to expect from them. Continued on next page A giant Series 600 Multi-Slide Door connects the Ladera Project’s magnificent backyard to the living room.  83      

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