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  Indoor-outdoor living at its most elegant. “For this project, Maraya and I were looking for doors and windows that could be used to create the illusion of exterior elements coming indoors,” Tim Droney says. “The monolith walls and large overhangs needed to have no interruption visually, and Western Window Systems had the sizes and profiles that allowed us to preserve those critical elements and sightlines.” A Series 980 Pivot Door at the entrance to the right of a monolith wall creates an eye-popping first impression. Once inside, floor-to-ceiling Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors in the living and dining areas grab one’s attention and never really let go of it. Elsewhere in the home, high ceilings and an open floor plan create a calm, expansive feel, as do sensible and straightforward finishes of Western Window Systems’ products. “We like that Western Window Systems works with the same kind of modern design concepts that we like to explore,” Droney says. Stunning views of the mountains surrounding Ojai Valley also can be enjoyed in the contemporary kitchen, which features three floor-to-ceiling windows that fully integrate with Series 670 Hinged Windows positioned near the floor. In the master bedroom, which also features pristine views of the valley, a floor-to-ceiling Series 600 Window Wall provides a modern feel and lets in loads of natural light. And the dual-pane, low-E glass is manufactured for better performance and energy efficiency. ■ A giant Western Window Systems pivot door greets visitors to the Ladera Project home.  85      

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